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  1. Carlito says:

    Great video people !But they ovlreooked one very important point that is:The main reason for replacing analog meters with automated ones is to eliminate the meter reading departments of the utilities.What they have done is to take the ratepayers money to fund a meter project so the utilities can reduce their workforce. All of the costs to read the meters manually have always been built into the rate structure and paid for by the ratepayers, and eliminating the cost that the utilities charge the ratepayers for meter reading will result in pure profit to the utilities and their shareholders.The utilities are not going to pass on the savings to their ratepayers in any way, in fact, they have raised the rates to pay for the program. There will be no rate reductions or rebates to the consumers. And look out !, in some areas peak time pricing might become mandatory, meaning that in some areas customers could be charged up to one dollar per kilowatt hour during the hours of 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. That will result in even more profit to the utilities and further gouge the ratepayers.That peak pricing program is what the government and utilities use to justify the automated meter program, it is somehow supposed to save energy. In reality, it won’t save any energy at all, because people are not going to change their lives and quit living and working between the hours of 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The governments and utility corporations know this, so they will capitalize on it. It’s ALL about PROFITS, not saving energy.

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  3. Jesus says:

    I am Jesus and just want to say HAIL SATAN!!!!!

  4. Dirk says:

    How can someone apply to be in your film or make a film of their own.
    My name Dirk means Sword more so known as the Cross in churches. I wanted to know how a person can apply to be in your next video. I am in the South Florida area.

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Film Facts

Genre: Documentary
Production Year: 2010
Length: 75 min
Format: PAL Color Wide 16:9
Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian
Subtitles: English


Direction: Valerie Gudenus and Heloisa Sartorato
Producer: Babak Payami
Editor: Pablo Pastor
Music: Francesco Novara
Fabrica Production © 2010
Art: Emmanuel Plougoulm
Web: André Amaral