INRI Cristo

In Brazil INRI Cristo, a simple but educated man has become a media phenomenon. While appearing in almost every TV show of the country he has built a safe haven for his mainly female followers.

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  1. another person says:

    Happy Hanukkah mr.cristo december 20.

  2. frank says:

    Jesus does not need to run a popularity advertising campaign as mr cristo does.

  3. diana says:

    Was inri’ harvested’ as you put it from a frozen embro.He cant pass as being Jewish unless we know who his parents were.He will probably only get a temporary visa if he wants to go and squat in solomons Temple i guess.

  4. someone elce says:

    Darwins so called theory of evolution means’the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life’.This theory led to the mass murder of millions from the sick and dissabled the Jews and many others.fact inri and his blind supporters concider him an inspired man.

  5. somebody says:

    One thing mr.Cristo got right is that the antichrist will come from the Lattin nations the old Roman empire.As we see Europe is at this time in deep economic and political trouble and it appears yet again as though Germany tries to become the dominant force.There is much speculation about who the antichrist will be.Some say he may be a descendant of the tribe of Dan.I dont know but i suppose since both christian and Jews know the actual Messiah must be a jew,so to the antichrist must at least claim to be of Jewish desceant.The antichrist must appear before the real messiah,in fact i assume he will attempt to replicate Yeshua who’s image can be seen on the Turin Shroud.Mr Cristo uses this shroud image in an attempt to claim he is the Messiah.Mr.Cristo seems to exalt himself if any of his life story is true we can have no idea of his true desceant it can only be said’he claims to be Jewish’It may seem ridiculous but how far advanced is genetic cloning.Just a thought.

  6. david friedman says:

    In the beggining was the word and the word was with G-d.If you say,,the bible is a book of dead letters’you remove truth from the world.Yeshua warned’many will come in my name believe them not’He uses yeshuas words to exalt himself but claims the bible is abook of’dead letters’Also exposing him for the fraud he is is ignorance he claims.This is blastphemious.

  7. ester says:

    That man is an abomination how gullable can people be to quote his words as if he is God.He does not believe in the bible yet claims to be Yeshua.The word is all we have and you remove truth from the world.

  8. dan says:

    If no man knew his name but himself he sure has told everyone elce.

  9. yoel says:

    How can anyone speak of’Brave New World’test tube babies as a means of rationalising abortion.Taking one evil to justify another.Yeshua was defied not his parents.It is your own ignorance that quotes him as if he is G-d.The hebrew letters spell the name of G-d.His so called new name means nothing but is used in masonic occultisum as you may have previously read.As a man called Irni said Pilate the murdurer created the dead languge.Does nothihg said make you see Marlene.Well irni or inri.REPLY.

  10. joel says:

    Marlene you are kind of frustrating why quote from the bible if you think it is dead letters and half truths.Would the Lord have created such a book to believe in for mankind.If he had aname writen that no man knew but himself then how do you know thats true either.So your own words expose you.You dont need to speak on his behalf you are in so doing justifying one type of murder over another.I see a man who lives in a cult compound with a lot of strange demonic videos including women who stick the words inri to there forhead and paint there nails with his name’so called new name’Was it not writed in revelations’on the right hand and forhead’.

  11. me says:

    Oh Marlene.Which G-d are you refering to clearly not the G-d of the gospel you clearly do not believe in the gospel at all so i suppose you can readily follow any of the other Pagan Gods.You said it yourself Marlene,’the bible is a book of dead letters’.Words are all we have.You quote from the bible as a story yet believe you can pick and choose what is true or falce.Darwin did not believe in the G-d of the bible,and so he created atheisum.Sayin it is better to abort than….’is to accept it as necessary.His words are worldly wisdom not G-ds words,which you dont believe in anyway.If you dont believe in the words of the bible then the prophecies also must be irrelevant also.Satan will duplicate G-ds plan and his image.NOTE.

  12. Marlene West says:

    Ignorance is a curse! Rev. 19 “…and he had a name written, that no man knew, but himself.” Those who criticize Inri Cristo have never bothered to study his history. Darwin was an inspired man and his theory of evolution is a fact, and in no way diminishes the majesty of God. The bible is a book of dead letters; some factual and some fantasy. After Christ resurrected he came through closed doors to sup with the disciples. A person of flesh and blood does not enter a closed door. When Christ appeared to Mary Magdalene she intially did not recognize him because he was superimposing himself over the body of the gardener and for a few moments was not visible to her eyes. Inri Cristo does not condone abortion but states that it is better to abort than to murder the child after birth by throwing into a river or gargage can. The spirit does not enter the child until it takes its first breath, otherwise spirits would be attached to all the forzen embryos harvested by the IVF. Inri does not know his biological parents; therefore, humanity cannot deify them this time.

  13. bob says:

    jesus friend of little children.Children murdered in their mothers womb and a claims to be the messiah.Its blastphemy.

  14. adan says:

    inri Cristo was brought up in a German community and attended a school called Adolfo,i guess thats adolf.He says that abortion,that is the murder of children in their mothers womb is quite acceptable or better than having an unwanted child because he is not a living soul when in the womb.We should all use contraception he says the world is overpopulated.

  15. bob says:

    Do we really need to bother thinking about it.The antichrist must come before Yeshua,and is destroyed by him in Jerusalem this man says Brazil is the new Jerusalem.Anyone who believes him does not believe the bible.

  16. diana says:

    No answer will come this will be kept hidden.Notice how his book blanks out the ‘t’in cristo so spelling criso osirc backward.Guess they did not know how to change the’c'into an’s’.His beliefs fit in with osiris not the biblical messiah.

  17. dan says:

    And as Dave said i would really like to know who his alleged birth mum is.Jesus had a mum.Awaiting answer nov 12/2011…………………..

  18. dan says:

    Who really knows but i am sure the antichrist will attempt to replicate jesus.

  19. dan says:

    I recon the antichrist must come from Europe probably Germany.Recon it possible they could make a clone in 1948.

  20. diana says:

    Maybe he is a German creation from the nazi eugenics program.Hitler apparently went into a trance stairing at the so called spear of destiny.

  21. matt says:

    May be acreation of the vatican and there German pope.

  22. dave says:

    Yes he claims true science and the Gospel dont contradict and he is refuring to Darwinisum.I would like to know how Darwinisum would explain how eve was made from adams rib.And i would also like to know who his true birth mother is,and his adopted parents just happen to be germans.Who funds the immence private cult compound.Really bizar and totally against the Gospel.

  23. admin says:

    what u mean irni by saying its inri not INRI its you who spelt his name in capitals.I don’t get your point.

  24. JOSEPH says:


  25. me says:

    raindrops on roses and whiskas of kittens,brown papper pacages tied up with string these ara a few of my favorite things.

  26. bert says:


  27. bert says:

    Well Irni since you he believes in reincarnation and evolution who is his real birth mother.I assume the midwife who gave him to the german couple knows.Answer…………..

  28. bert says:

    Well Irni since you seem since he believes in reincarnation and evolution who is his real birth mother.I assume the midwife who gave him to the german couple knows.Answer…………..

  29. dave says:

    All these weird messiahs seem to make being a vegetarian into religeon which is again against the gospel which specifies what is clean and unclean Inri eats alot of garlic a guess for the vampiries.

  30. dave says:

    So this would be messiah got his new name from the man who ‘washed his hands’and sentenced him to death by the Roman occupation.So he has taken the name given by the assasin.Its is also a demonic name.Could be the antichrist or just another mad cult.

  31. totally Jewish says:

    Israel needs real messiah.lila tov…………

  32. totally Jewish says:

    Helo Jesus wrong place you got to appear in Jerusalem not Brazil.Yawn…………..

  33. paddington bear says:

    That’s what the old Rabi said on the note before he died the Hebrew initials not latin.I believe satan will steal the image of the shroud.He also comes as a thief to steal mens souls.

  34. paddington bear says:

    Thanks for the feedback thogh irni,but whats with your name though….a joke or mashu ahair.

  35. paddington bear says:

    There is worldly wisdom and spiritual wisdom maybe the difference between Solomon and the yeshua.Me thinks king of Jews YHWH are initials for G-d in hebrew.

  36. loej says:

    I forgot to ask though what is your opinion of this man.How strange it is when he lost all the fake ‘i am jesus clothing’and he is making bread like ordinary mortal.He appears like the man of the shroud,or rather in the image of minus his soul his aura his pressence his holiness and his word.Everything opposite of the messiah but the flesh.Reply…..

  37. eloj says:

    Yes point taken,it is used in freemasonry and it is Latin though and Latinous is associated with the antichrist.Tell me irni dont the Hebrew initials spell the name of the Lord.sure the messiahs name will be in G-ds holy language.Inri has no meaning has it irni………..

  38. Irni (Ernie) says:

    The letters are used by the Freemasons but INRI did not originate with them. It originated with Pontius Pilate himself, as the Latin phrase for “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews” is indeed INRI when abbreviated. In addition, His name is Inri, not INRI.

  39. joel says:

    There is so much nonsense and speculation about who is the antichrist.If it is the case as i think he will be a phoney duplicate messiah how can he be any of the often named contenders,politicians or prince William,none of them claim to be the messiah.This man from the Lattin nation is for me the most possible contender.I have avery strange story as to why i believe this only i am not yet wanting to write about it .maybe someother day.inri cristo does he fit the prophile………

  40. joel says:

    quote phony messiah.Adam was born from female ape fertilised by amale ape….Question ‘when did adam leave mum and dad’.I wonder did they visit him on his birthday.

  41. joel says:

    santa catarina= satan arian arina

  42. matt says:

    AWAKENING…The constant use or rather missuse of the word’awakening’is it seems constantly used by those who would like to destroy Israel and the Jewish people.The Arab spring where thousands of Arabs slaughter thousands of Arabs is being refered to as ademocratic’ Awakening’The mass social protests within Israel.which despite coming at a time when Israel is ‘entrenched on every side’ by terrorist groups or nations is being refered to as ‘Israels Awakening’Even demonic films such as the latest omen movie is called ‘The Awakening’While Brazils would be ‘celebrity messiah’, Inri Cristo who describes himself as’the first ape without a tail’ abeliever in Darwin has abook called ‘Awakner’.Really the war against Israel is a demonic war against the Jews ‘Gods of the rising sun’Israel has its friends we should remember the prophetic words of Ruth to Naomi’Your people are my people.I go where you go and I die where you die’ AMEN.

  43. matt says:

    rich text documeny size 1,13kb date moOMG! It’s Sooo Big!dified 23/09/2011 0012

  44. m.mouth says:


  45. m.mouth says:

    inri=antichrist…..awakening=code for destruction

  46. m.mouth says:

    inri cristo subjugates message of gospel.This self prophesed messiah claims many of the greatest miraclrs including the Resurection in the flesh never happened.Neither was lazarus brought back from the dead he claims that jesu said he was sleeping only.In fact yeshua said first he was sleeping,then i told them plainly ”HE IS DEAD”he had laid in the tomb for three days.There are many other key miracles that he claimed never happenedHe does not follow the teachings of the Gospel and speaks of ‘divine law’he is refuring to evolution and pagan so called nature godsIt should be understood darwin was aprophesed ATHIEST.I believe there is a very powerfull cult protecting him.It is writen that the media is forbiden to say anything critical of him.His name alone exposes him coming from adead language latin and used in masonic occultism.A most bizar story of his early life acircomsised jew given to G’man couple.He certainly is not a jew in his belief’nor achristian.I would question whether any of his life story is true.He says you can follow any religeon you want.We are in the end times of the’GODS OF THE RISING SUN’.Atime for preyer.

  47. m.mouth says:

    Image of the beast/Turin shroud.I know there is much controvecy over the Turin shroud.Personaly i believe it is the genuine burial cloth of Yeshua.I have often wondered over understanding the words in Revelations concerning the image of the beast that is given life giving breath…what can this mean.Satan the deciever tries to take the Lords place in the Temple,as is clear from the Gospel.I used to think the beast image set up by the imposter was one of the tyrants of history.However could it be with advances in genetic science and cloning that the shroud itself is replicated thus the image of yeshua is stolen by the imposter.He wants to decieve the world into believing he is messiah after all.If so could genetic cloning also replicate the virgin birth.We will know soon enoug,and we will know the messiah from his word.G-d bless

  48. m.mouth says:

    question…How in the world can anyone believe this man to be jesus.What he says contradicts entirely the teachings of yeshua.Darwin was an athiest much of hitlers murderous acts stemed from Darwinisum.Quote Adam was the first ape without a tail…inri cristo.He partakes in the most sick demonic celebrity tv shows.He states you can follow any religeon Islam buddisum it matters not aslong as you pass through him after.This is totally against the gospel.Yes we all have freedom of choice marlene do you want to choose the imposter aka antichrist.Finaly the letters inri are used in masonic occultism It is a sick cult…Satan duplicates g-ds plan and the antichrist appears before yeshua in IsraelIf you truly believe you can reply as to your ‘free will’view.Really ifeel sick these Rising nature Gods.

  49. admin says:

    You are welcome, Marlene.

  50. Marlene West says:

    I have visited Inri Cristo and I have no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that he is indeed the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Thank you for bringing these interviews forward as it is important to analyze events and personalities before making a decision.

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