INRI Cristo

In Brazil INRI Cristo, a simple but educated man has become a media phenomenon. While appearing in almost every TV show of the country he has built a safe haven for his mainly female followers.

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  1. Paulo Douglas says:

    The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem (Brasília – Brazil), which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name (INRI CRISTO) – Rev 3:’12.

  2. Kyle says:

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  3. toba says:

    Marlene every time anyone makes a point as to how ridiculous the notion of this man being a fraud you like a politician totally ignore the point made.The bible which this man quotes from makes very clear that the messiah comes after a time of trouble ‘such as was never before seen’.and the reign of the antichrist is brought to an end.Concerning some comments that he may be a counterfeit,well the man called the ‘angel of death’Joseph mengle escaped to Brazil where apparently he continued his sick obsession producing replica twins.Lets remember we were clearly warned about these fake messiahs.

  4. adrian says:

    No we should not dwsll on negativity or spend any time dwelling on the words of falce teaching but understanding the man of sin will be a physical replica of yeshua is something we should know.So the words ‘standing in the temple of God’menans the body of the true savior.Yeshua also said’when another comes in his own name him you will accept.This man has come in his own name and has spoken against the word of the Lord.

  5. david b. says:

    There is no point in so far as looking at negative things on the internet will not find us any truth.Imay remain in Israel,but i do not feel ready for the true messiah we are all lacking and better off neither reading or responding to negativity.

  6. says:

    From reading your thoughts on what one may concider as the ‘theft of the image of yashua’it has given me another understanding of the biblical text concerning the’abomination standing in the temple of G-d’When jesus said ‘destroy this temple and i will raise it in three days’ his disciples thought he was speaking of Solomons temple,only after the ressurection did they understand he meant the temple of his body.Therefore the essence of the mark of the beast must be a counterfit worship of YHWH like the making of the golden calf.So it may be while many wait for the building of a temple of hewn stone it must be the temple of the body of christ in which the abomination will stand.The word of the Lord is stolen as is his image,’the shroud’so to his body.Identity theft is the plan of the’man of sin’.

  7. Peter Edensor says:

    The turin shroud has been in the possesion of European aristocratic Royalty for its entire existance asside from some short periods when its location was not known.The knights Templars,who were the crusaders of the holy land would bow down and worship the image of the shroud.It is however now in the possesion of the Vatican.On the 13 of April 1980 in a private viewing the Pope knelt down and kissed the hem of the Shroud.Whatever ones opinion of the holy relic it was and is still venerated by the ruling political and religeous leaders of Europe.There are many ridiculous notions of people who some claim replicate the image of the shroud.I find most of these theories and speculations ridiculous.However i have come to believe that the image of Yeshua that we see on the shroud may be stolen by the imposter.The life giving breath that is given to the image in Revelations could be taken as being dna carbon copy replica of the shroud.A cloned creature replicating the virgin birth.I know this man so called’inri’claims to be a look alike.Maybe when the true messiah comes we will see two physical replicas but only one will have the life and soul of the son of G-d.

  8. hanna harrison lowe says:

    Whatever the truth about his true parental ancestry,iknow how it feels not to know your true parents.This may be the cause of his missunderstood thinking.

  9. john denver says:

    Someone seriously believes this man inri is some kind of demonic carbon copy of the shroud….Really,i cant see how it’s possible.Take a close look at osama and obama though,are they not like identical twins.I can’t see how that’s possible either.We are living in strange times.

  10. john denver says:

    Someone seriously believes this man inri is some kind of demonic carbon copy of the shroud….Really,icant see how it’s possible.Take a close look at osama and obama though,are they not like identical twins.I can’t see how that’s possible either.We are living in strange times.

  11. jason says:

    The agenda against Israel and the Jews seems to take on many different dimensions.One is to create a phoney impression that they control and run American politics and pushing the world to war.Also the blame the bankers,wall street and the capitalists will no doubt maifest itself as it did in Germany.Social breakdown will i believe occure when the middle east war beggins.This may be the time for the falce prophet to create a phoney peace.Do people really believe its this cristo man.

  12. jason says:

    He thinks Brazil is the new Jerusalem,kind of weird.

  13. james rietz says:

    This man claims to be of Jewish origin i wonder why he never coments on the plight of Israel.The final war must be centred on Israel it seems at this time Israel is being demonised and pushed into a war with Iran which would again lead the anti semetic media to scapegoat the Jews.I wonder what does Inri who claims to be aJew believe concerning the persecution of his people of whome he claims to be’the king’.

  14. person says:

    To peter drinkwater.Have you heard of this man ‘George Soros’he is called the puppet master and is funding all the ngo’sand under the pretext of ‘human rights’he is creating murder and lawlessness.His agenda is also called the ‘awakening’.He may well be behind funding this ‘would be messiah’.

  15. andrew louise says:

    A bizar statement by this man was’blaming the germans for the holocaust would be the same as blaming the jews for the death of Jesus’.Well the Romans killed Jesus,as for the holocaust was it the Germans or the nazi’s.In this statement he has very cleverly evoked the blood libel.

  16. anomyous human says:

    I don’t want to comment on my opinion of this strange Brazilian cult.However i have noted myself the constant use of the word ‘Awakening’in the media when describing the worlds descent into murder and lawlessness.If his book is also called awakener he must be part of this global agenda i guess.As for being the antichrist,that is stretching my imagination somewhat.

  17. peter drinkwater. says:

    As the world descends into ever increasing lawlessness and national governments loose their hold on power,remember the words of Daniel,’they attempt to unify in marriage but can not anymore than iron can mix with clay.Germany foud a scapegoat to blame in world war two.The so called ‘awakening’movement which directs its blame on wall street and thr bankers may manifest itself as it did in Germany.May be Inri who’s addopted parents are German may have a view on this especially since he claims to be of Jewish origin and his book is called’Awakener’.

  18. p.bristow says:

    I cant imagine jesus saying’if anyone say’s something silly to me i will cut that person down to size’.I do wonder how these cults come from and who funds them,but it does not surprise me that there are missunderstood people who follow him.

  19. finally s. says:

    I thought that it seems most people question that cristo may be a ‘new age’falce prophet,and a physical replica of the true messiah yet to come.Interesting how he speaks of,embryos harvested by could be a clue to his origin.The midwife name is b ema.hummm.

  20. Jerusalem Arti choke says:

    Sorry sergio it was not passsed from disciple to desciple each account of the gospels was writen according to what each of the four had personally witnessedThe notion that a modern day messiah would arrive subjucating not only the gospel but also the old testament means he is afraud and falce prophet.He is Appealing to an agnostic world with human not spiritual thought.

  21. david b. says:

    So said the athiest.

  22. Sergio says:

    It is quite possible that a modern day Jesus (and I’m not say he does exist) would preach up-to-date lessons and not the same stuff he said 2000 years ago. It is also quite possible that the stuff you claim he said 2000 years ago isn’t accurate because it was passed from disciple to disciple throughout the centuries. Finally his very existence isn’t a certainty. The whole discussion is pointless.

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