‘I Am Jesus’ is a documentary that portrays three communities that have formed
around different characters claiming to be the Second Coming of Christ.

An organic farming community in Siberia has evolved around a charismatic,
but introvert man called Vissarion. His teachings focus on developing
a society prepared to survive in a scarce future.
In Brazil INRI Cristo, a simple but educated man has become a media phenomenon.
While appearing in almost every TV show of the country he has built a safe haven
for his mainly female followers.
David Shayler is a former secret service agent in the UK who has become spiritual
after going to prison. He is part of a young squatting community fighting capitalism
and rejecting the system.

The documentary shows the everyday life of each community and explores differences
and similarities between them while raising questions about leadership and spiritual belonging.

Produced by Babak Payami
Concept, Direction, Photography by Valerie Gudenus and Heloisa Sartorato
Edited by Pablo Pastor
Music by Francesco Novara

Pal Color Wide 16:9
Approx.: 75mins
Language: English, Portuguese, Russian
Subtitles: English

Fabrica Production © 2010

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Film Facts

Genre: Documentary
Production Year: 2010
Length: 75 min
Format: PAL Color Wide 16:9
Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian
Subtitles: English


Direction: Valerie Gudenus and Heloisa Sartorato
Producer: Babak Payami
Editor: Pablo Pastor
Music: Francesco Novara
Fabrica Production © 2010
Art: Emmanuel Plougoulm
Web: André Amaral